1/2/3: Instituut voor Beeld en geluid 15 Mei.

Het Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (een van de grootste media-archieven van Nederland) is benieuwd hoe ze beter bij de behoeften van jonge makers kunnen aansluiten.

Omdat ze het liefst van de makers zelf willen horen wat hen bezighoudt, komen ze 15 Mei naar de academie voor een interactieve sessie.

De vraagstelling: 'Hoe kan Beeld en Geluid als archief, museum en kennisinstituut relevanter zijn voor nog opkomende makers? De ideeën die voortvloeien uit de inputsessies nemen ze mee in de ontwikkeling van hun vernieuwde aanbod voor makers.'

Zeer interessante workshop!!
Meedoen? Aanmelden bij Mirjam

Dinsdag 29 Mei van 13:00 - 15:00
Voertaal: Nederland

1E: exhibition still life assignment

Coming Friday the installation of the still life assignment will take place.
Coming Wednesday Marcel and Aalt will be present to help out with the matting and dry mounting of the final print.
Aalt can also help with the retouching of the dust-spots.

I will be at the AKI from 10.00 AM on Friday to help out with any other necessary actions before putting up the show.

Unnecessary to say that I need all of you to show up to help and make this a beautiful exhibit.
Make sure your final print is as good as it can get so that you feel proud of the result.

It has been a very long assignment but that was necessary so you all could get acquainted with the process of making and building a still life, the camera, the film, the dark room and all the other aspects of analog photography.

I have seen very good and interesting developments and personally I think this has been a very successful assignment. As a group we will be making an exhibition that can and that may be seen: let's make sure of that and take good care of the last efforts necessary to finish it off well.

Good luck and see you on Friday!

Afwezig/out of office

Van 8 t/m 18 mei  ben ik afwezig.  Je mail beantwoord ik binnen 3 werkdagen. Een afspraak maken  kan via het webloket.

From 8th untill 18th of may I'll be out of office.  You' ll get a reply on your email within 3 workingdays and of course you can make an appointment  by using the electronic agenda.


FF een Bakkie Troost

Heb je even wat te klagen? Gaat het niet altijd zoals je wil? Glipt de tijd je uit je handen?
Soms kan het helpen om je verhaal kwijt te kunnen in een vertrouwde omgeving. Een frisse blik, een stukje motivatie en iemand die naar je luistert. We zijn geen zelfhulpgroep, maar in je eentje piekeren hoeft niet meer. Je bent niet de enige. Deze groep is georganiseerd door en vooral voor studenten van de AKI en Conservatorium Enschede. Je kan al je gedachten kwijt in deze groep, positief en negatief. Waar je ook tegenaan loopt, het mag gedeeld worden. 

Kom je ook een bakkie doen? 
Eerste samenkomst op AKI Enschede

22 mei : 16.30 uur - 18.00 uur : Lokaal 1.61 (tegenover de mediatheek)


24th April ; Under construction

Tuesday 24th of April there is maintenance with the lights in: 1.50,1.52, 1.53 en 1.43(studio)

There might be some discomfort.

3: MI exam dates

June 15 Graduation day 
June 28 VIP Preview Exhibition 5 - 9pm - Only for invited special guest 
June 29 Exhibition Opening 4 pm - For family and all friends
June 29-July 04 Exhibition
July 04 Graduation ceremony - 11am - 3 pm - Close family and friends only
July 05 - 07 Take down exhibition

ACD + MI 1E last assignment photography

The last assignment for photography class for semester 2 is the next one:

focus on landscape; beyond the horizon.

You can make anything you like, use b&w, color, analog, digital, normal print, copy print, self-made print, whatever.
What I need you to do is to re-think the landscape, re-shape the landscape, re-create the landscape.
Use every possible idea, approach or technique.

For inspiration (and inspiration only) I want you to dig into the works of:

Tim Ulrichs, Sigmar Polke, Sally Mann, Paul Graham, Gerhard Richter, Christiane Baumgartner, John Gossage, Jung Jin Lee, Robert Frank, Harry Callahan, Awoiska van der Molen, Lewis Baltz, Alfred Stieglitz

The result should be a new vision of the perception of the landscape. In image. Photo.

Deadline: 1 week before the last viewing.

Good luck and have fun doing this!


Year 2 | Project 4.3 Kick-Off + Amsterdam Excursion

Lecturer and Instructor:
Nur Özgenalp
16.04.18 / MON 13.30 - 18.00

We will meet at the entrance (inside) of the EYE Film Museum at 13.30. Check the EYE website for detailed information on the Exhibition IMAGINE Film Festival Screenings.

The Program:
13.00 - 14.00 Buying Tickets
14.00 - 14.30 Imagine - VR 4: Summation of Force/ Blind Vaysha/ Potato Dreams

14.30 - 16.00 Project 4.3 Kick-Off
16.00 - 17.00 Exhibitions: Hito Steyerl, Ben Rivers, Wang Bing

17.00 - 18.00 Discussions over Tea/Coffee

After the excursion program, there is an editing workshop at the festival. It would be in Dutch. I would advise the students to participate.

18.30 - 19.30 Imagine - Workshop Recut

Please bring your museum cards and cineville cards, if you have one. Collect the documents of all your expenses for reimbursement (you would do it through your student page).

Aanwezigheid decanaat 16/20 april

Deze week ben ik maandagmiddag en donderdag tot 11 uur op de AKI aanwezig. Dinsdag afwezig, maar per mail bereikbaar.  Afspraken kan je maken via het digitale loket.

Coming week I'll be present at the AKI at monday afternoon and thursday untill '11 o' clock. Tuesday out of office but will read your mail. Making an appointment is possible in my digital agenda. 



Year 1 | Filmmaking I Excursion

Lecturer and Instructor: Nur Özgenalp
13.04.18 / FRI 12.00 - 17.00

We will meet at the entrance (inside) of the EYE Film Museum at 12.00. Check the EYE website for detailed information on the Exhibition IMAGINE Film Festival Screenings. 

The Program:
12.00 - 12.30 Buying Tickets
12.30 - 13.30 Panorama
13.30 - 15.00 Exhibition: Hito Steyerl, Ben Rivers, Wang Bing

15.00 - 16.00 Discussions over Tea/Coffee
16.00 - 16.30 Imagine - VR 6: Alteration/ Proxima

Please bring your museum cards and cineville cards, if you have one. Collect the documents of all your expenses for reimbursement (you would do it through your student page).

Year 1 | Filmmaking I Finals

Lecturer and Instructor: Nur Özgenalp
10.04.18 / TUE 10.00 - 17.00

All of the students will submit the final versions of their assignments by 23.59 tonight, via wetransfer or dropbox.

Remember to address each film file with your name and assignments information. The films without any or the right information will not be graded.

You have two assignments to be sent:
1) Video Essay: A Narrational Study. Check your assignment sheet for detailed information.
2) Cinematic Camera Usage Series. Use the same video, audio, and outline information of your Video Essay. Additionally, address which shots you are combining with non-diegetic insert. If you have several different clusters of shots, put a black screen for 2-3 seconds in-between.

If you would have any question or need feedback, please send me an email.  

1/2/3: Workshop Wim van de Aar

Film workshop by Wim van der Aar at the 10th and 11th of April.
Start 10.00 tomorrow downstairs at the MI rooms.
It is mandatory for the second year, but all students from MI are encouraged to join! Also students from other AKI departments are welcome.

Prf. Iris van der Tuin ; open lecture!

prof. dr. Iris van der Tuin

Tomorrow evening (4th april) the Honours Programme is looking forward to a public encounter with prof. dr. Iris van der Tuin, leading in the field of New Materialism. There are still places available for those who want to participate.

Information can be found here.

Year 1 | Filmmaking I 4th Meeting

Lecturer and Instructor: 
Gijs Dierselhuis and Nur Özgenalp
03.04.18 / TUE 10.00 - 17.00

We will meet in class for a lecture and a discussion on cinematic camera usages. After lunchtime, we will go to the studio for hands-on practice and the students will start working on their camera assignment. If you have a camera and/or tripod, you can bring it along. 

Year 1 | Filmmaking I 3rd Meeting

Lecturer and Instructor: Nur Özgenalp
27.03.18 / TUE 10.00 - 17.00

Everyone will be working on their narrational video-essay assignments at the editing sets. I will watch the rough editing and give feedback. 

Do not for get to bring your favorite film on a flash-drive. Prepare clusters for different narrational elements from your favourite film. Choose one to study. Bring them as video files on your laptop or upload them to a school editing set. Bring your headphones to class.

Afwezig/Out of Office ( Week 13 )

Van 27 maart t/m 3 april ben ik afwezig.  Je mail beantwoord ik binnen 3 werkdagen. Een afspraak maken voor 4
 ( conservatorium ) , 5 óf 6 april  kan via het webloket.

27th march until 3rd of april  I'll be out of office.  You' ll get a reply on your email within 3 workingdays and of course you can make an appointment for 4 ( conservatory ) , 5 or 6 april  by using the electronic agenda.


Year 1 + Year 2: MOVING IMAGE PRESENTS (exhibition April 6-13)

Dear students in year 1 and 2,

As most of you already know you are kindly invited to propose a work for the one week exhibition MOVING IMAGE PRESENTS that will take place from April 6 to April 13 at the entrance of the AKI.

The installation of the exhibition will last 2 days: on Wednesday April 4 and Thursday April 5 (and not Tuesday April 3 as stated in your schedule). Sjoerd and I will be there on Wednesday the whole day to supervise the installation.

The exhibition will open on Friday April 6 at 14.00
with a short speech by Marc

We would like to make an overview of all the works so please send us your proposal for 1 existing work this weekend. Please include an image, link to video or documentation photographs so that we have an idea of what it is + a technical description (is it a video, installation etc, the kind of equipment needed).

You will have to take the exhibition down on Friday 13 in the afternoon.

We look forward to receive your proposals!


Elodie and Sjoerd

PS It would be nice to make posters for the exhibition, who would like to take care of that?

Year 1: Beyond the Screen – The Multiple Image (6/6) FINALS

Image Design – Project 02 semester 2, 2018 Course: 14 February – 29 March
Tutors: Elodie Hiryczuk & Sjoerd van Oevelen
Session 6: Thursday 29 March – 10.00 - 17.00 hrs (FINALS)

Dear all,

Next Thursday 29 March you will present your muti-screen project to us (Elodie, Sjoerd and Jan) and the second year students. You are responsible for arranging the technical equipment you need, for further questions about the technical aspect you can contact Jan.
We will be there the whole day, in the morning we have a meeting with the second years.

Your presentations will take place from 12.00 sharp.
We expect you all to be there at 10.00 to start installing/ preparing your presentation and help each other.

You will present your work at one of the following locations:
- Room MI (right): Witali
- Room MI (Middle): Laurynas
- Room MI (left, small): Lisa, Ilja
- Viewing/ Project space (upstairs, with beamer): Yenchi, Julia
- Room 1.12 (upstairs, with beamer): Raia, Stefanie

This is the schedule for the presentations on Thursday (this should work with roulating the 4 beamers):

12.00: Yenchi (Viewing room) > 2 or 3 beamers? (+ beamer in Room)
12.20: Witali (Room MI, right) > 2 computer screens + TV screen
12.40: - LUNCH -
13.40: Lisa (Room MI small) > 1 or 2 beamers? + block TV
14.00: Laurynas (Room MI, middle) > 2 beamers or 2 TV screens?
14.20: Stefanie (Room 1.12) > 1 beamer (+ beamer in Room)
14.40: - BREAK
15.00: Ilja (Room MI, right) > 2 beamers?
15.20: Raia (Room 1.12) > 1 computer screen + Ipad (+ beamer in Room)
15.40: Julia (Viewing room) 3 beamers (+ beamer in Room)

About the possibility to test your presentations before Thursday:
The Viewing room and the room upstairs (1.12) are reserved for MI on the following days, please discuss amongst each other who is using the space and when.

- Room 1.12 (upstairs with beamer) is available on Monday afternoon and Tuesday the whole day (Raia and Stefanie)
- Viewing/ Project space (upstairs) is available on Wednesday the whole day (Julia and Yenchi)
- The MI rooms are available except for the Room right on Tuesday (Nur lessons) and the room in the middle on Thursday morning for our meeting with the second years (free from 12.00).

Please feel free to invite fellow students from other departments to you presentation!

Good luck to you all and see you on Thursday!

Best, Elodie and Sjoerd

Year 2: colloquium

with Katharina | Friday 23.03. at 13.30 | room 1.1.2


bring the work you want to discuss in the group

Year 1 | Filmmaking I 2nd Meeting

Lecturer and Instructor: Nur Özgenalp
20.03.18 / TUE 10.00 - 17.00

We will start our second session with the film pitches. Do not forget to prepare your pitches. Afterwards, you will work on your film projects' moodboards. Bring related visual material (hard copy or on your computers). Then we will do a treatment workshop. Finish your films' treatments before the class. 

In the second part, there will be a lecture on cinematic storytelling and we will watch examples that would help you with your narration assignments (video essay).

Year 2: Individual Project 4.2

Dear all, 

This Monday Anne, Valerie and Wouter will unfortunately not be there because they are helping Celina with her final exam project. Therefore I decided to have individual meetings of 45 minutes with you instead of the collective presentations. 

As you know this project is about your creative process, so I expect to see you all even if you didn’t make as much progress as you maybe wanted. This is the schedule: 

13.00-13.45: Mohamed
13.45-14.30: Tim
14.30-15.15: Bogdana

See you on Monday! 

PS reminder to Anne, Valerie and Wouter: Don't forget to let us know when you will send us a report of your individual project before we see each other again on Monday March 26.

21st of March ; Honours Pogram

ACD / FA English
13:30 - 13:45 - During lesson Think ACD/FA , Isis Germano from the Honours Program will come over to the academy to give information about the Honours program.

If you are interested you can attend the meeting!

Year 1: Beyond the Screen – The Multiple Image (5/6)

Image Design – Project 02 semester 2, 2018 Course: 14 February – 29 March 
Every Wednesday 10.00 – 17.00, room MI 
Tutors: Elodie Hiryczuk & Sjoerd van Oevelen 
Session 5: Wednesday 21 March – 10.00 - 17.00 hrs 

Dear all, 

Thank you for yesterday’s viewings and feed back on the individual videos. We will outline the final assignment of the multi screen again: 

The assignment is about creating a spatial multi screen video installation/ environment with at least two screens (but not limited to two, so three, four, etc. is also possible) In this way you step away from the passive 'viewer versus screen' set up, and will have to find ways to include the body/viewer in a more dynamic, interactive way. We made some changes in the program which will give you more time and freedom to do this assignment. 

So to recapitulate: - Your multi screen work should contain 2 or more screens (which can be of all sorts: tv bricks, beamers, computers, small tft screens, phones, etc). The screens don’t have to be of the same size, it all depends on your idea. - You can choose any place in the AKI which suits your idea (Moving Image class room, studio, corridors, etc). Make sure you check the availability with Ina. - The images of your archive are a starting point. So you can either work with the material you already have OR you are welcome to shoot new material to create this multi screen installation. - For next Wednesday 21 you don’t have to install this set-up with the screens yet (so you can concentrate on the content and shooting the material you need). 

Nevertheless what we expect for next week is that you present a clear concept for your multi screen installation, including visual material and a clear idea about the location and the realization/technical aspects involved. 

For the finals on Thursday 29 you will focus on finalizing the work (with the feed back you received) and install/present the multi screen project. - Reserve the equipment you need at Warrie for the 29th on time. (Probably you will have to share the equipment with other students, so keep each other informed on your plans). - Don’t forget to pay attention to the sound as well (you can ask Jan for advice). We hope all is clear. If there are questions regarding this, we are happy to answer them! 

Best regards, 
Sjoerd and Elodie

10 Free tickets for symposium in Amsterdam March 22 & 23

The constant development and flux of technologies creates a unique opportunity for artists to experiment, play and create, but also presents a challenge for those charged with the responsibility of ensuring future presentations of these works. The preservation of and future access to born-digital art is as challenging as it is important. How to act on change? How to take control of future presentations?
In the context of the new LIMA project Art Host, the symposium ‘Transformation Digital Art 2018’ will take place at LIMA in Amsterdam. International participants from an array of professional backgrounds will ask what strategies can be developed in order to take artworks of an inherently digital, performative and processual nature into the future. Speakers will share best practices, research and cases studies concerning both artist-led and institutional strategies geared towards the future presentation of born-digital and software based art. 
We are pleased to announce the following names of artists, conservators, researchers and curators who will contribute to the symposium: Karen Archey (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam), Josephine Bosma, Ives Bernard (IMAL), Serena Cangiano (SUPSI), Louise Cone (National Gallery of Denmark), Annet Dekker (University of Amsterdam), Harm van den Dorpel (Artist), Constant Dullaart (Artist), Patrícia Falcão (Tate Modern), Paulien ‘t Hoen (SBMK), Aurora Loerakker (Van Abbemuseum), Geert Lovink (INC), Aymeric Mansoux (Artist), Rachel Somers Miles (LIMA), Arthur van Mourik (Centraal Museum), Geert Mul (Artist), Martine Neddam (Artist), Marcel Ras (NDE), Joost Rekveld (Artist), Morgane Stricot (ZKM), Sylvia van Schaik (RCE), Mila van der Weide (LIMA), Gaby Wijers (LIMA), and more.
For more info: see website
Register/inschrijven: Mirjam Leppers (Office Crossmedia Design)
Geef aan welke dag(en). Please specify which day(s).
Wie het eerst komt, die het eerst maalt. First come, first served.
LIMA • Arie Biemondstraat 111 1054 PD Amsterdam • March 22 + 23 Thursday + Friday from 10:00 - 18:30 hrs  

New york

AKI GOES NY! Nog enkele plekken beschikbaar! Seats available! 

Our yearly magical trip to NY City is coming up in May 2018!
Musea/guest lecturers/practitioners/design studios/artist/sightseeing

6th May - 13th May
Included: KLM Flight, Chelsea Savoy Hotel close to Madison square.

You can reserve your spot by applying: Apply here 

Year 1 | Filmmaking I 1st Meeting

Lecturer and Instructor: Nur Özgenalp
13.03.18 / TUE 10.00 - 17.00
In our first meeting, we will start the module with "Introduction to Cinematic Storytelling". In the afternoon, there will be in-class activities on scriptwriting. Bring your laptops. Also, start thinking about your favourite film(s) and bring a copy of them on a flash-drive. 

Year1: Sound on 'Me in a Landscape'

Thursday 15th March:
Working in the class on the additional sounds of the assignment ' Me in a Landscape'.
Finish your animation before Thursday.

Year 1 – Beyond the Screen: the Multiple Image

Image Design – Project 02 semester 2, 2018

Course: 14 February – 29 March 
Every Wednesday 10.00 – 17.00, room MI
Tutors: Elodie Hiryczuk & Sjoerd van Oevelen 
Session 3: Wednesday 6 March – 10.00 - 12.30 hrs

Dear students,

Tomorrow we will have a morning session to view your 5 different splitscreens. Please be on time!

10.00-11.45   Collective presentation of sub-assignment 1 (5 x splitscreen) collective feedback
12.15-12.30   Outline sub-assignment 2 = make 5 different double images (2 minutes + loop)

See you tomorrow!


PS Don't forget to send me your visual archive so I have time to look at it!

Year 2: Individual Project 4.2

Dear students,

Tomorrow you will have individual talks to discuss your idea and your mindmap (30 min).
Here is the schedule:

13.15-13.45: Tim
13.45-14.15: Valerie
14.15-14.45: Mohamed

14.45-15.15: Wouter
15.15-15.45: Anne
15.45-16.15: Bogdana

See you then!



International Short film festival

Fraser and Martin are setting up a trip to Go Short! Festival in Nijmegen. This is a festival dedicated to shortfilms and a chance to meet young but also arrived makers, animation directors and people who work in film production.

Friday April 13 until Sunday April 15.
Costs: approximately 80 euros (ticket + accommodation)
Pay and apply @ Anne Tol /Fine Art office. Paying = applying.
before March 9.

6 March ; Luciano Pinna workshop Unity

6 March 2018 - 11.00 - 15.00
The 6th of march, Luciano Pinna will be present to do a workshop for Unity. The level of the workshop will be intermediate, so a bit of knowledge of the software is recommended. Bram de Bree (FA) and Christiaan Bruinsma (ACD) are working on projects with this software, so you can also approach them for questions!

If you want to join the workshop, apply here.

Key elements of the workshop
Unity3D, Virtual Reality VRTK (Virtual Reality Toolkit), Augmented Reality d.m.v. ARKit, 3D Modeling (Cinema 4D)

Year 2: Colloquium Friday 09.03.

with Katharina | as we agreed on our next colloquium will be at Friday 09.03. at 13.30 - 16.30 | room 1.1.2 (first floor)


Presentation by Anne, Tim and Valérie.

Registration for open Lecture and Workshop

Coconut DNA Lipofection Massage Lab by Adam Zaretsky
Lecture and workshop on DIY enhancement and mutant enrichment methods

7th of March 2018, AKI, room: 1.12
10.00h- 11.00h lecture
11.00-16.00h workshop

Open to all students, registration required due to limited space: a.wolodzko@artez.nl

Adam Zaretsky, Ph.D. is a Wet-Lab Art Practitioner mixing Ecology, Biotechnology, Non-human Relations, Body Performance and Gastronomy. Zaretsky stages lively, hands-on bioart production labs based on topics such as: foreign species invasion (pure/impure), radical food science (edible/inedible), jazz bioinformatics (code/flesh), tissue culture (undead/semi-alive), transgenic design issues (traits/desires), interactive ethology (person/machine/non-human) and physiology (performance/stress). His art practice focuses on an array of legal, ethical, social and libidinal implications of biotechnological materials and methods with a focus on transgenic humans. He is currently a Professor of Media Arts in the School of Communication and the Arts at Marist College and resides in Woodstock, New York.

Year1: How we choose to look at sound

Thursday Febr. 15th > Talking about sound.
Take pen and paper for notes.

Afwezig/Out of office

Van donderdag 15 februari tot en met woensdag 7 maart ben ik afwezig. Op donderdag 8 maart aanwezig op locatie Artez Arnhem en vanaf vrijdag 9 maart op de AKI.  Een afspraak maken kan via het webloket.

I'll be out of office between 15th of februar en 7th of march. Thursday 8th of march I'll be at location ArtEZ -Arnhem. Ninth of march I am present at the AKI again. You can reach me by mail or plan an appointment in the electronic agenda.


Year 1 – Beyond the Screen: the Multiple Image

Image Design – Project 02 semester 2, 2018
Course: 14 February – 29 March
Every Wednesday 10.00 – 17.00, room MI
Thursday 29 March Presentation
Tutors: Elodie Hiryczuk & Sjoerd van Oevelen 

Note: We expect you to attend all sessions of the course
Your presence on Session 1 is compulsory

Session 1: Wednesday 14 February – 10.00 hrs
Please bring your notebooks, photo/videocamera and tripod

Meiro Koizumi, Portrait of a Young Samourai, 2009

Nowadays we are confronted with a multitude of images which present themselves to us through different screens. From the screen of our mobile phones to computer screens, ATM machines, tv screens, automobile dashboards, tablets, smartwatches, digital billboards, etc.

Naturally one would think that this ongoing visual evolution in our media and internet age has changed the nature of the screen. Nobody can deny the influence of social media, youtube, snapchat or instagram, but on a more structural, technological level not so much has changed. Media theorist Lev Maninov says: "Dynamic, real-time, interactive,... a screen is still a screen. Interactivity, simulation and telepresence: As was the case centuries ago, we are still looking at a flat rectangular surface, existing in the space of our body and acting as a window into another space. We still haven't left the era of the screen." (The Language of the New Media, 2001)

Following Maninov's observation of the screen, we could say that the classical 'viewing regime' – the relation between the image and the spectator – has not really evolved. The frontality, the rectangular surface, the singular image, the immobile viewing, the frame, the physical distance to the medium, all the fundamental characteristics of the screen are still at work.

During this practice-based course we will explore possibilities to create different 'viewing regimes' which move away from the fixed program of the singular screen. We will investigate possibilities for different narratives and meaning to emerge when using multiple screens, split screens and double images. We will look at the work of video artists and filmmakers. We will discuss alternative ways of image making within the Deleuzian concept of the Time-image. You will work with specific techniques and methods of filming, editing and post-production to try and establish new relations between the image and the viewer.

Project outline
During the course you will film several scenes compiling an archive of material to work with for the assignments. The course is linked to the software courses of Jan Guchelaar. You will learn several techniques which you can directly use for our assignments including editing double images, split-screen, multi-camera recording and multi-screen presentation. During the last day of the course, March 29th, you will install and present your work for the finals. Together we will review the progress and results.