Year 1: Continue Software Instructions

Tuesday October 17th: Finish your Illustrator portrait and your illustrated full-shot body drawing, for the follow up instructions.

Week 42 ( 16-20 oktober ) afwezig

Week 42 ben ik afwezig. Je mail beantwoord ik binnen 3 werkdagen. Een afspraak inplannen ná de herfstvakantie gaat makkelijk en snel via het digitale webloket

Week 42 I 'll be out of office. You' ll get a reply on your mail within 3 workingdays. Making an appointment after autumnbreak is easy and quick by using the electronic agenda.

Year 2: Philsosohy module (session 3)

Wednesday 01.11. | film screening at 10.00 | Westworld 1973 | directed by Michael Crichton 

"Boy, have we got a vacation for you!"

In the then-future year of 1983, a high-tech, highly realistic adult amusement park called Delos features three themed "worlds"—Westworld, Medievalworld, and Romanworld. The resort's three "worlds" are populated with lifelike androids that are practically indistinguishable from human beings, each programmed in character for their assigned historical environment. For $1,000 per day, guests may indulge in any adventure with the android population of the park, including sexual encounters and even a fight to the death.  

Please make notes, so that you can give not only a summary of the film's narration but discuss it in detail. Bring the notes with you to our session on Friday 10.11.

days of absence

Katharina is absent and will be back after the vacation week. Her next online office day is Wednesday 01.11. her next day present at the AKI is Friday 03.11.

Year 1: art film (hist)story - on revolution

 Thursday 19.10 at 10.00 filmscreenig | room 0.56

Battleship Potemkin 1925 Soviet silent film directed by Sergei Eisenstein and produced by Mosfilm. It presents a dramatized version of the mutiny that occurred in 1905 when the crew of the Russian battleship Potemkin rebelled against their officers.

14.30 visit ArtEZ studium generale Revolt: Nadja Tolokonnikova (Pussy Riot), lecture and Q & A

Nadja Tolokonnikova is a rebel through and through. She rose to fame as a member of the punk band Pussy Riot. Their punk songs were an indictment of Poetin and the Church. In 2012 the band members were arrested for ‘subversive provocations’. 
Nadja ended up spending two years in a labour camp in Mordovia. This punishment failed to silence her. On the contrary, based on her diary notes from the labour camp, she wrote the book entitled ‘How to start a Revolution’, a kind of manifesto for the present day revolutionary. 
Her 200th tip for the aspiring rebel is: ‘if you want change, get off your ass and do something. It’s self-service here’. Nadja will give a lecture about her drive and experiences. And she will provide tips on how to become a Pussy Riot yourself. 

The lecture will be followed by an interview with students, conducted by students, with Chris Keulemans in the chair. Location ArtEZ conservatorium Van Essengaarde 10 7511 PN Enschede

Year 2: Animation project: Dragonframe tutorial

Dragonframe tutorial, Thursday, Oct 12, 10:15AM 
in the stop-motion room on the second floor. Bring anything you want to try animating under the camera! Students from other years are welcome to join (second years, please meet in our regular classroom at 10:00 to check in)

Year 3: Library New Arrivals

DVD: Big Eyes, directed by Tim Burton, 2016

Edward Branigan ed., The Routledge Encyclopedia of Film Theory, 2015

Donna J. Haraway, Simians, Cyborgs, and Women: The Reinvention of Nature, 1990

Slavoj Zizek, Enjoy your Symptom: Jacques Lacan in Hollywood and Out, 2007

Steven Jacobs, Framing pictures: Film and Visual Arts, 2012

Ian Aitken, European Film Theory and Cinema, 2001

Anna Powell, Deleuze: Altered States and Film, 2012

Christopher Falzon, Philosophy goes to the Movies, 2014

Laura Mulvey, Death 24x a Second, Stillness and the Moving Image, 2006

Jörg Schweinitz, Film and Stereotype, A Challenge for Cinema and Theory, 2011

Year 1: orga meeting (compulsory)

with Katharina | Friday 13.10. | 13.30-14.00 | room 0.53 

Year 2: Philosophy

with Katharina | Friday 13.10.

10.00-12.30 Introductory lecture: Human – Machine – Cyborg (room 0.53)

13.30-16.00 Film screening: Snowpiercer, 2013, 126 minutes (room 0.56)

Year 1 | Concept for All - Session 4: Tue Oct 10 and Thu Oct 12

Assignment for coming Thursday
- Concept for viral campaign (for our department Moving Image?)

Keep in mind:
- What is the purpose of your campaign?
- How should it work? Where do you start and why? Which channels do you use?
- What is the desired outcome? Is it informative for your audience or is it to take action? Should audience share or participate?

- Present the work itself or have a good visual explanation
- Create an overview (infographic) on your assumption how your viral campaign works: how might the campaign spread? How did you influence this in your concept design?

For your reading pleasure: “session 4 – Viralmarketing.pdf” by Niklas Odén and Richard Stålnacke Larsson from Institutionen för Informatik, UMEA, is sent to you by e-mail.

Looking forward to your results!

Year 2 | Advanced Filmmaking I Finals

06.10.17 / FRI / Room: 0.53

Congratulations! You made it! Bring your 1-min film project, fully-finished, on a flash drive. Prepare the room for your screening. There will be a screening of all the films!

Year 2: Project 3.1 animation

with Tess Martin | Monday 09.10 at 10.00 | room 0.53

Year 1: Image Theory

with Katharina | Friday 06.10 at 10.00 | room 0.56 


Studium Generale ; Revolte

ArtEZ studium generale

Wat is er voor jou nodig om de koppen bij elkaar en de handen uit de mouwen te steken? Wanneer begin jij een revolutie? Om je tijdig te wapenen willen wij je tools for revolution meegeven. In oktober en november organiseren we daarom diverse events over revolutie.

What do you need to get off your chair and get working? When will you start a revolution? In the months October and November there will be a variety of lectures and events organised with the theme revolution.

19 oktober, Conservatorium Enschede- Lecture Pussy Riot
Nadja Toloknnikova, you need to apply on the website.

See the website of studium Generale for more info and an updated agenda.

Year 2: Project 3.3 dates confirmed

Project lead by Bert Teunissen |
Etretat (van Lanschot Kempen)
Monday 04 december - morning
Tuesday 12 december - all day
Monday 18 december - morning
Tuesday 19 december - afternoon
Friday 22 december - final presentation

Year 2 | Advanced Filmmaking I Editing Day

04.10.17 / WED FULL-DAY / Room: 1.31

The class will start with the screening of your Advanced Editing Assignments(Kuleshov Effect 1 with three examples, POV with at least two different inserts, Intellectual Montage, and one example of Cutting on Action). Do not forget to bring them fully-finished on a flash drive. 

Afterwards, everybody will work on their 1-min projects and we will together discuss ways to improve your film's editing. Please choose a computer and upload your material before the class starts.